My name is Remi Berret-Carrasco and this is my website I hope you like it. I am an Electronic Media major attending Texas State University and my eyes are brown. I have a dog and I used to have a cat. Feel free to ask me anything about myself if you want further details.

this is a pic of an eye
I Look like this

In my free time I like to make music in my home studio or skate with some of my friends. I think that I am pretty smart but sometimes circumstances in my life tell me otherwise. This is going to be one of the best websites on the internet right now, so make sure to check it all out before the servers crash. Merch store coming soon.

Things I Like Things I Don't Like
Ice Cream Loud Sudden Noises
Music Mean People
Dogs Eels

Finally, if at any point you should grow weary when navigating my infinitley complex website (that's a different expereience every time you visit) there is a nifty navigation bar at the top of every page. Simply click on the page you wish to navigate to, and through the power of extremeley black magic, you will be taken there at the cost of your soul. The only rule here is: Have fun!