One of my personal hobbies is recording and producing music. I have ammased a number of microphones and other recording gear over time that I use to record my songs. I have an EP released under the name George Gloomy and am currently in the process of finishing my first album, hopefully by the end of the month. I play a variety of instruments that include:

On top of recording and producing my own music, I also enjoy producing others and running live sound. Because of this, a great place for me to go to enjoy all of these passions at once is Guitar Center. They have a huge variety of instruments there, plus all kinds of recording and live sound gear. It's also a great place to find people with similar interests whether it's other customers or employees, anyone you talk to is interested in making music.

I can play this

Personally, I enjoy alternative music with a slight influence of hip-hop. I try to go for this style with the music I create as well, sometimes even with hints of electronic. I don't use as many live instruments as I would like to in my songs, but I've been working on that and the Album is going to feature several. You can listen to my EP below.